2019’s Hottest Trends 
and Real-World Strategies For Rocksolid Growth
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The world's best wedding professionals share with you what's trending right now and what they predict will be the next big thing in weddings.
Get “need-to-know-now” insider secrets for soaring success from the wedding industry’s all-star Pros and Influencers.
We reveal what’s working right now to stand out from the crowd with wow-worthy services, and rake in awesome clients like clockwork.
We’ve rounded up the who’s who of the Wedding World to jazz up your business.
We interviewed the creme de la creme of wedding experts to uncover the key trends for weddings in 2019 and beyond.
Celebrity Wedding Planner,
Colin Cowie (USA)
Celebrity Fashion Stylist,
Briannah Jayde (USA)
Wedding Stylist & Designer,
Matthew Robbins (USA)
Celebrity Wedding Planner, 
Angela Proffitt (USA)
Celebrity Makeup Artist, 
Tara Dowburd (USA)
Wedding Florist, 
CeCe Todd (USA)
Wedding Officiant, 
Alisa Tongg (USA)
Luxury Wedding Stationery Designer, Kaleigh Wiese (USA)
Luxury Winery Wedding Planner, Samar Hattar (USA)
Celebrity Wedding Planner, 
Kristeen LaBrot (USA)
Celebrity Calligrapher, 
Katrina Centeno-Nguyen (USA)
Award Winning Wedding Decorator, Debbie Marks (UK)
Destination Wedding Planner, 
Percy Sales (USA)
Publisher & Indian Wedding Specialist, Shawna Gohel (USA)
Award Winning Wedding Designer, Jove Meyer (USA)
Award Winning Wedding Planner, Michele Li (Hong Kong)
Restauranteur & Wedding Planner, Michelle Durpetti (USA)
Bridal Fashion Designer,
Trish Peng (New Zealand)
Celebrated Wedding Planner,
Jason Rhee (USA)
Celebrity Jeweler, 
Margaret Rowe (USA)
Celebrated Wedding Cake Designer, Kimberly Bailey (USA)
Luxury Wedding Planner, 
Nadine Metgenberg (Germany)
Celebrity Caterer, 
Rob Pausmith (USA)
Private Estate Venue Manager,
Daniel Spires (USA)
Luxury Wedding Planner,
Bibi Hayat (Kuwait)
Wedding Photographer,
Brian Leahy (USA)
Event Visualization, 
Joanna Adam (Canada)
Luxury Wedding Planner,
Jean Charles Vaneck (France)
Sustainable Florist,
Josephine Marc (Australia)
High-End Wedding Planner,
Andrea Eppolito (USA)
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